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About Us is a community for Webcomic creators and their fans. Through the use of RSS Feeds and Twitter, CNX brings a whole world of online comics together and allows you to instantly check for recent updates. You can also connect with Webcomic creators on the forums!
How it Works
  • Fans - If you are a webcomic fan, all you need is a Twitter account! Simply visit the Twitter Feeds page, and pick out a category of comics that interests you. Friend that Twitter account, and you will get tweets when comics in that category are updated! You can also browse our forums, several comics have their forums hosted here.
  • Creators - If you have your own comic, you need to sign up, and register your site. You must have an RSS feed which gets updated when you post a new comic page. Also, please see our RSS guidelines to make sure your feed meets our formatting requirements. Once submitted, your site will be reviewed by a moderator, and added to the category of your choosing. You can then watch the hits roll in from the Twitter feed! You may also apply to have a forum hosted with us. By sharing a userbase with other sites, you'll have more active discussions, and it will give your comic additional exposure!